Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Tommy's Impossible Locket

It seems the Eternal Watchland project wasn't quite finished with me. It had one more song left to give.

This one is neither a remix nor a b-side—it stands on its own. The source material and recording techniques are right out of the Eternal Watchland universe, but it branches sideways into some unexpected territory.

You can stream it at SoundCloud or download the mp3 below.

Jason Herrboldt - Tommy's Impossible Locket.mp3


Friday, October 14, 2016

Eternal Watchland of the 9-Dimensional Torus

Oh shit, it’s my second album!

The source material is a bunch of random CDs I found at thrift stores around the Minneapolis area, almost all too obscure to be recognized. The idea was to twist these random CDs into something weird and scary. Because Halloween.

I hope you have as much fun listening to it as I had making it!

You can listen to the songs right now at SoundCloud, or download the MP3s in a zipped file (includes 26-page liner notes and high-res album art).

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Allusions And Homages To Mrs. Regera Dowdy

(Reblogged from October, 2011.)

For your consideration and entertainment, I present my first full-length album. It is a continuous mix of experimental dark ambient offerings, with samples of old phonographs and wax cylinders from the 1880s - 1920s.

Stream from your browser or download as a continuous mix:

Jason Herrboldt - Allusions And Homages (Continuous Mix).mp3

Download as individual songs in a zipped file (includes liner notes, album art, and ID3 tags):

Jason Herrboldt - Allusions And Homages To Mrs. Regera

Halloween Mixtapes!

(Reblogged from October, 2014.)

Lovers of dark ambient rejoice! Here are all of my Halloween mixtapes, all in one post. Every download is free, legal, and 100% fucking terrifying.

And be sure to check out my original recordings for a further descent into darkening madness: 


Monday, September 19, 2016

The Scariest Music In The World

Disclaimer: It's impossible to talk about something as huge and ridiculous as the "scariest music in the world" without indulging in a little subjectivity, so of course this post is going to be biased. Reader be warned. Even though I don't know what the scariest music in the world is, I never stop looking for it. These are just some highlights from my journey, and I hope they help you along yours. (One thing rings true above all else: the Brits, as is true in so many other areas, appear to leave everyone else in the dust.) 

I love scary music. This blog is dedicated to it. I'm constantly looking around for my next fix, but I hardly ever think about what defines scary music in the first place, or what separates the good from the bad. Yet somehow I know it when I hear it.